Mother, 20, tortured and burned alive on pile of tyres, Papua New Guinea

Still world is slave to primitive convention.
.... how can I say,

Can you laugh at Papua New Guinea people?
I think, NO.

Gun shoot crime cases in US....
So many schools don't teach students theory of evolution in US.... 

Even reason of raping case, female cannot do legal abortion in Sri Lanka....
Still humans need evolution and revolution in their mind....

A young mother was tossed screaming on to a pyre of tyres and burned alive after being accused of killing a neighbour's six-year-old son with sorcery.
Kepari Leniata, 20, 'confessed' after she was dragged from her hut, stripped naked and tortured with white-hot iron rods.

She was then dragged to a local rubbish dump, doused in petrol and, with hands and feet bound, thrown on a fire of burning tyres. As the mother-of-two screamed in agony, more petrol-soaked tyres were thrown on top of her.

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