Fw : 15,000 crocodiles escape from South African farm

Around 15,000 crocodiles escaped from a farm in South Africa following heavy rain.
A number of the crocodiles have since been recaptured, but at least half remain on the loose
The crocodiles sprung from the Rakwena Crocodile Farm in the far north of the country when owners were forced to open the gates to prevent a storm surge after the nearby Limpopo river rose. A number have since been recaptured, but at least half remain on the loose, scattered far and wide.
One turned up on a school rugby pitch 75 miles away.
Can they escape so fast? 120km far place?
"There used to be only a few crocodiles in the Limpopo River," said Zane Langman, the son-in-law of Johan Boshoff, who owns Rakwena. "Now there are a lot."

OMG! Adult elephant, too?!
"We've been recapturing them as and when the local farmers phone us to tell us that there are crocodiles on their property," said Zane Langman, the son-in-law of Johan Boshoff, who owns Rakwena. He added the most of the recapturing efforts were taking place at night.
Crocodiles are apparently easier to catch at night because their eyes shine red in the dark.
The surrounding South African province of Limpopo province has been hit by serious floods which have killed 10 people and made many more homeless.
The floods have also ravaged neighbouring Mozambique, were tens of thousands of people were being evacuated from their homes.
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Fw : Mission Possible (Хомяк впихнул невпихуемое)

Mission Possible (Хомяк впихнул невпихуемое)?
OMG! Do you want to eat such a huge Pretzel?!
Double length of your body?!
Your cheeks! It'll split! Dangerous!
Deep throat!....(・o・)
Ate it....(・o・)

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Fw : Deformed Dolphin Accepted Into New Family

Lone dolphin with spinal deformity travels among a group of sperm whales.
....Wilson suggested that the dolphin's peculiar spinal shape made it more likely to initiate an interaction with the large and slow-moving whales. "Perhaps it could not keep up with or was picked on by other members of its dolphin group," he said in an email....

A bottlenose dolphin, with an S-shaped spinal deformity, is seen here rubbing against a sperm whale.
Photograph courtesy Alexander Wilson and Aquatic Mammals
 I see, his/her born is twisted!
In 2011, behavioral ecologists Alexander Wilson and Jens Krause of the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries in Germany were surprised to discover that a group of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus)—animals not usually known for forging bonds with other species—had taken in an adult bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus).

The researchers observed the group in the ocean surrounding the Azores (map)—about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) off the coast of Lisbon, Portugal—for eight days as the dolphin traveled, foraged, and played with both the adult whales and their calves. When the dolphin rubbed its body against the whales, they would sometimes return the gesture.

Among terrestrial animals, cross-species interactions are not uncommon. These mostly temporary alliances are forged for foraging benefits and protection against predators, said Wilson.

They could also be satisfying a desire for the company of other animals, added marine biologist John Francis, vice president for research, conservation, and exploration at the National Geographic Society (the Society owns National Geographic News).

Photographs of dogs nursing tiger cubs, stories of a signing gorilla adopting a pet cat, and videos of a leopard caring for a baby baboon have long circulated the Web and caught national attention....
Deformed Dolphin Accepted Into New Family
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Fw : Food Battle: Shabu Shabu vs Sukiyaki

Food Battle: Shabu Shabu vs Sukiyaki
by Kieu on OCTOBER 22, 2012 in JAPAN

What is the difference between shabu shabu and sukiyaki? Let us eat.
Shabu shabu and sukiyaki are two different types of Japanese cuisine where the food is prepared and cooked table side. Both are similar in style in that both used thinly sliced meat and vegetables and are usually served with a dipping sauce. However, the similarity ends there. The method of cooking yield two completely different type of cuisine, both delicious in their own way.
Sukiyaki is cooked skillet style and offers a rich flavor, seasoned with soy sauce and sugar, while shabu shabu is like a hot pot, cooked like soup, and tends to be more savory and less sweet.
Up until now, I thought I had a favorite between the two. That all changed during our recent trip to Japan. So which is better?....

Fw : Shirakawa-go & Japan’s 2nd Longest Toenail

Shirakawa-go & Japan’s 2nd Longest Toenail
by Kieu on JULY 23, 2012 in JAPAN

“And very soon, you will see the second longest toenail in Japan,” our guide Yamamoto said with glee on our bus ride from Takayama....

"Star Wars : Episode VII"

J.J. Abrams Set to Direct Next 'Star Wars' Film (Exclusive)
J.J. Abrams will direct the next Star Wars installment.
We'll just let that sink in for a second. Despite shooting down rumors that he'd be taking over the directing duties of George Lucas' space classic, Abrams has reportedly agreed to direct the next film, which is due to hit theaters in 2015, per The Wrap.
The search for a director had included a who's who list of big names, including Steven Spielberg, Guillermo Del Toro, Matthew Vaughn, Brad Bird and many more. Michael Arndt is said to be writing the script.
In the meantime, Abrams has been keeping busy reviving another sci-fi classic series; his sequel Star Trek: Into Darkness is set to hit theaters May 17.
Steven Spielberg's 'Star Wars 7': Why It Should (And Shouldn't) Happen
With 'Robopocalypse' delayed indefinitely, Spielberg's next project is wide open — but should it take him to a galaxy far, far away?

蓮舫、やるじゃん?・・・_| ̄|○





"Beyonce lip syncing, national anthem, Beyonce lip sync inauguration, Beyonce lip syncs video, Beyonce lp synched. The New York Post confirms everyone's worst nightmare: Beyoncé lip-synched her way through "The Star-Spangled Banner" during yesterday's inauguration ceremony for President Obama."
”If she wasn't comfortable singing it live,
she should not have accepted the invitation.”
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Sarah Àlainn

Tales of Troy

Andrew Lang "Tales of Troy"
Long ago, in a little island called Ithaca, on the west coast of Greece, there lived a king named Laertes.  His kingdom was small and mountainous.  People used to say that Ithaca “lay like a shield upon the sea,” which sounds as if it were a flat country.  But in those times shields were very large, and rose at the middle into two peaks with a hollow between them, so that Ithaca, seen far off in the sea, with her two chief mountain peaks, and a cloven valley between them, looked exactly like a shield.  The country was so rough that men kept no horses, for, at that time, people drove, standing up in little light chariots with two horses; they never rode, and there was no cavalry in battle: men fought from chariots.  When Ulysses, the son of Laertes, King of Ithaca grew up, he never fought from a chariot, for he had none, but always on foot.

If there were no horses in Ithaca, there was plenty of cattle.  The father of Ulysses had flocks of sheep, and herds of swine, and wild goats, deer, and hares lived in the hills and in the plains.  The sea was full of fish of many sorts, which men caught with nets, and with rod and line and hook.

Thus Ithaca was a good island to live in.  The summer was long, and there was hardly any winter; only a few cold weeks, and then the swallows came back, and the plains were like a garden, all covered with wild flowers—violets, lilies, narcissus, and roses.  With the blue sky and the blue sea, the island was beautiful.  White temples stood on the shores; and the Nymphs, a sort of fairies, had their little shrines built of stone, with wild rose-bushes hanging over them.

Other islands lay within sight, crowned with mountains, stretching away, one behind the other, into the sunset.  Ulysses in the course of his life saw many rich countries, and great cities of men, but, wherever he was, his heart was always in the little isle of Ithaca, where he had learned how to row, and how to sail a boat, and how to shoot with bow and arrow, and to hunt boars and stags, and manage his hounds.

The mother of Ulysses was called Anticleia: she was the daughter of King Autolycus, who lived near Parnassus, a mountain on the mainland.  This King Autolycus was the most cunning of men.  He was a Master Thief, and could steal a man’s pillow from under his head, but he does not seem to have been thought worse of for this.  The Greeks had a God of Thieves, named Hermes, whom Autolycus worshipped, and people thought more good of his cunning tricks than harm of his dishonesty.  Perhaps these tricks of his were only practised for amusement; however that may be, Ulysses became as artful as his grandfather; he was both the bravest and the most cunning of men, but Ulysses never stole things, except once, as we shall hear, from the enemy in time of war.  He showed his cunning in stratagems of war, and in many strange escapes from giants and man-eaters.

Soon after Ulysses was born, his grandfather came to see his mother and father in Ithaca.  He was sitting at supper when the nurse of Ulysses, whose name was Eurycleia, brought in the baby, and set him on the knees of Autolycus, saying, “Find a name for your grandson, for he is a child of many prayers.”

“I am very angry with many men and women in the world,” said Autolycus, “so let the child’s name be A Man of Wrath,” which, in Greek, was Odysseus.  So the child was called Odysseus by his own people, but the name was changed into Ulysses, and we shall call him Ulysses.

We do not know much about Ulysses when he was a little boy, except that he used to run about the garden with his father, asking questions, and begging that he might have fruit trees “for his very own.”  He was a great pet, for his parents had no other son, so his father gave him thirteen pear trees, and forty fig trees, and promised him fifty rows of vines, all covered with grapes, which he could eat when he liked, without asking leave of the gardener.  So he was not tempted to steal fruit, like his grandfather.

When Autolycus gave Ulysses his name, he said that he must come to stay with him, when he was a big boy, and he would get splendid presents.  Ulysses was told about this, so, when he was a tall lad, he crossed the sea and drove in his chariot to the old man’s house on Mount Parnassus.  Everybody welcomed him, and next day his uncles and cousins and he went out to hunt a fierce wild boar, early in the morning.  Probably Ulysses took his own dog, named Argos, the best of hounds, of which we shall hear again, long afterwards, for the dog lived to be very old.  Soon the hounds came on the scent of a wild boar, and after them the men went, with spears in their hands, and Ulysses ran foremost, for he was already the swiftest runner in Greece.

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