I can remenber about Kranji War Cemetery of Ausralians

I cannot remember, maybe in 1994 or 1995,
when my daughter was 6 or 7 years.
We was living in Singapore....
She was studying Australian school and,
someday, she said she had some school invitation,
for attending some celemony....

I never consider that, but, it's very funny time, at 6 AM.

I and my daughter (my wife had heavy monthly something....) took taxi,
and went there....

I saw quite heavy hills, and....

We, Japanese and you Australian had fought together, too.
Not only US nations, also all Commonwealth of Nations,
including Sri Lanka, too....
We, Japanese nations will never do same things, again....
Except Charlies....
Help us....
Can you, Australians, you can help us from Charlie?




Charlie's Flags in Sri Lanka

I am living in Colombo 7, Sri Lanka.
And I can see several times near my house, Colombo Art Museum as "Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre" built by Charlie's ODA finance.
And I saw several Charlie's flags and only one, just only one Sri Lanka flag....
Anyway, you Srilankan don't do mind, it's OK for me...., I don't mind it....
Follow Charlie's....(・o・)

Enforcement for small Islands

The US interest in an Asian island dispute
(↓This is not true, Japan don't make any problem about such small islands. Charlie / Charlie's government like to create this crisis.)
The tension in the East China Sea between China and Japan is America’s problem. Sure, there are all sorts of reasons war will “never” break out — from “it just wouldn’t make sense” to “everybody is making too much money to fight.”
But given the history of the region and the lack of rules for handling such crises, the reality is that one stupid mistake could start a war. Since the United States is obligated by treaty to defend Japan if it is attacked, it falls to Washington to make sure a conflict does not erupt.
Over the past several months, Tokyo and Beijing have played a game of chicken, in the streets, on the seas, in the air and through the airwaves over a cluster of three uninhabited islands and two big rocks called the Senkakus by the Japanese and the Diaoyu Islands by the Chinese.
(↓This is not true, this news' writer believe Charlie's  propaganda. Charlie's government never have any enforcement for Senkaku Islands since 14C.)
Japan seized them in January 1895, during its first modern war with China (which Japan won).
(↑Yes, they loose.... Every time, when they wanna fight to developed countries even from Roman Ara. They will loose it. In last time, Mao Zedong could win for us without US/UK help? Never!)
Tensions began escalating last year and have grown from anti-Japanese protests in Chinese cities to a war of words to the present situation, in which an increasing number of Chinese and Japanese ships and planes are frequenting a very small area in the East China Sea.
The Japanese government announced Tuesday that twice in the past three weeks Chinese warships have upped the ante even further by “painting” a Japanese warship and helicopter with the same type of radar used to aim missiles.
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Daddy's Movie and my dream....

The Jedi Cat has got the Force!

He is watching "Star Wars",
Yoda says, "May the Force be with you...."
"Now, I can use the Force! I can close PC! Wofofofofo...."
The Jedi Cat has got the Force! Hm? Dark side?....(・o・)
"Human! Don't tell me what I shouldn't do it! Hohohohoho...."

I heard of Mymains Stewart Gilligan's death.

I heard of Mymains Stewart Gilligan's death.
He is Maincoon, world longest cat.



We won't be looked down on
Charlie, really you wanna fight with us? ; Japan Says China Aimed Military Radar at Ship
 by such Charlie's government's provocation,
depend on our annihilation,
to exist,
Do not cheat your nations, think about your domestic problems,
Do not avert your nation's eyes to diplomatic issue,
Charlie, you have enough trouble in domestics,
we're fighting for our right to live
and should we win the day again for Charlie,
we will not go quietly into the night!,
we will not vanish without a fight!,
Charlie, we are not fresh meat, you know? You wanna fight us again?
we're going to live on,
we're going to survive.
We will celebrate our real independence day since 1945....
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Lover To Lover, Florence + The Machine






9)外国人がWilliam ShakespeareやAlfred Lord Tennysonをわからないのと同様、日本人でも夏目漱石も森鴎外もわからない、読んだこともない、ということがありますが、それに関して、あなたはどう感じますか?



So, you think about me, 1.5 lingual....
Japanese is OK, then English is not so much....

I agree....
then, how about this?
Can you understand?
Of course, I can understand,
this is my field, math and physics.
So, I can speak another language, Math/Physics....
Are you limited monolingual?
I'm not!
I can use Japanese and Science language.
Are you?

The Einstein Theory of Relativity

A Concise Statement by Prof. H. A. Lorentz, of the University of Leyden
The total eclipse of the sun of May 29, resulted in a striking confirmation of the new theory of the universal attractive power of gravitation developed by Albert Einstein, and thus reinforced the conviction that the defining of this theory is one of the most important steps ever taken in the domain of natural science. In response to a request by the editor, I will attempt to contribute something to its page 26general appreciation in the following lines.
For centuries Newton's doctrine of the attraction of gravitation has been the most prominent example of a theory of natural science. Through the simplicity of its basic idea, an attraction between two bodies proportionate to their mass and also proportionate to the square of the distance; through the completeness with which it explained so many of the peculiarities in the movement of the bodies making up the solar system; and, finally, through its universal validity, even in the case of the far-distant planetary systems, it compelled the admiration of all.
But, while the skill of the mathematicians was devoted to making page 27more exact calculations of the consequences to which it led, no real progress was made in the science of gravitation. It is true that the inquiry was transferred to the field of physics, following Cavendish's success in demonstrating the common attraction between bodies with which laboratory work can be done, but it always was evident that natural philosophy had no grip on the universal power of attraction. While in electric effects an influence exercised by the matter placed between bodies was speedily observed—the starting-point of a new and fertile doctrine of electricity—in the case of gravitation not a trace of an influence exercised by intermediate matter could ever be discovered. It was, and remained, inaccessible and page 28unchangeable, without any connection, apparently, with other phenomena of natural philosophy.
Einstein has put an end to this isolation; it is now well established that gravitation affects not only matter, but also light. Thus strengthened in the faith that his theory already has inspired, we may assume with him that there is not a single physical or chemical phenomenon—which does not feel, although very probably in an unnoticeable degree, the influence of gravitation, and that, on the other side, the attraction exercised by a body is limited in the first place by the quantity of matter it contains and also, to some degree, by motion and by the physical and chemical condition in which it moves.page 29
It is comprehensible that a person could not have arrived at such a far-reaching change of view by continuing to follow the old beaten paths, but only by introducing some sort of new idea. Indeed, Einstein arrived at his theory through a train of thought of great originality. Let me try to restate it in concise terms.page 30

My Daughter

She is my daughter,
and she can speak perfect English, not like me....
Of course, I can use Japanese not only speaking, literary, too.
But, you know?
I never teach her Japanese in her life,
then, she can use only one language, English, perfect monolingual.
My strategy is complete!
What's bilingual?
Mixed children can use not only speaks, but also literary language?
No! Absolutely No!
Almost mixed children are handicapped, limited....
Not only mother tongue, second language also not perfect.
If parents wanna be their children becoming several language user, then, they consider their children must study first language deeply.
Am I right?
Yes, I'm right.
You think you are English speaker....
Do you know William Shakespeare, Alfred Lord Tennyson?
Sometimes, you are monolingual and limited....(・o・)

Beijing confronts pollution dilemma

"For nearly 15 years the Chinese government has been talking about improving the air quality in Beijing and by its own measures it seems to have done a pretty good job...",
What? GJ? ↓ like this condition is GJ?....(・o・)
Well, not my country....
But, "Concern rises as China’s air pollution blown over Japan"....

Ask what you can do for your country.

And so, my fellow Japanese : ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country.



My partner is right here, The Book of Love, Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel!
Shall we dance?

Iron Man 3, New Trailer!

New Trailer!
I'm waiting....


  1. 価値観があう(気があう)
  2. 優しい
  3. タバコを吸わない
  4. 料理が得意
  5. 健康
  1. 価値観があう(気があう)
  2. 嘘をつかない
  3. 借金がない・連帯保証人になっていない
  4. 健康
  5. 優しい
  6. タバコを吸わない
  7. 金銭感覚が同じ
  8. 料理が得意
  9. 自分の家族や親戚とうまくやってくれる
  10. 男遊びに興味がない


Of course, this is serious situation for them....
Chinese couple with cute mask, at Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China
But, Chinese are great races, they can survive.
Maybe, China will be No.1 GDP country for future, if nations can survive....(・o・)
At least, Chinese politicians, military guys, rich family will survive exactly....(・o・)
Or they will migrate to US?....(・o・)

Food Gateways in Rural Japan Trip vol.I

Trip in Japan, most problems will happen a language gap. Almost English tourist are monolingual and they complain sign boards are not mentioned by English. Roman letters are available...., but directly mentioned Japanese by Roman letters....(・o・) Of course, almost sign boards are for residents, not visitors. Anyway, it's not so kind for tourists. But, if I go to US, it's same things....
"Soyamisaki" = "Soya-misaki", "misaki" means "cape", "Cape Soya"....(・o・)
Maybe, you can understand.... No?.... When earthquake, disaster happened, go to Taisei School....(・o・)
What is this traffic board? I can't understand.... ? Female Cyclist? How to....(・o・)
Well, if you wanna short trip to Japan, you think better to study Japanese? No! Exactly no! If I go to Russia for 2 weeks trip, I'll study Russian? No!
Then, if you don't speak Japanese, will travel in Japan be difficult? No, also no.
Traveling in a country where you don't speak the language can be both challenging and rewarding. But even if you don't speak any Japanese, finding your way around Japan needn't be difficult. English is widely spoken throughout the country, particularly in major cities and tourist centers. Public transportation announcements are frequently made in both Japanese and English, and signs generally include decipherable roman characters or an English explanation. A comprehensive range of tourist services also provides a helping hand to foreign visitors in Japan...
When you visit at major cities....(・o・)
FAQ:Visiting Japan
JNTO JAPAN:the Official Guide
Today's topic is "Food gateways", especially, Japanese B-Class Gourmets....(・o・)
You feel Japan tour is expensive, right? If you stay 5-stars hotel, using transportation by "Shinkansen"="Bullet Train" green/fixed seat, taxi, having meals at high class restaurant as Michelin Guide level, etc., not only Japan trip, even though India trip, too. You'll feel expensive trip in India.
But, not enough information, not so much available English web site guide....
I will introduce you "Japanese B-Class Gourmets" blog contents,
Japan’s B-Class Gourmets and the Food that Inspires Them
Every restaurant in Japan wants to be recognized by B-Class Gourmets. All it takes is one good review and out of nowhere comes a flock of B-Class Gourmets. Soon there is a long line wrapped around the building and the small, previously unnoticed restaurant is suddenly the talk of the town. Restaurant owners love this.
Sushi Shop at Tsukiji, Long Long Queue....(・o・)
If the good reviews keep coming, the restaurant will continue to stay busy like this. Very few actually become so popular that they remain trendy for years to come, but they still enjoy the spike in business. Many of these B-Class Gourmet hot spots quickly fizzle out and the restaurant goes back to its previous amount of patrons.
Restaurants are a multi-trillion yen industry that is super competitive. Every cheap restaurant in Japan wants to be the next B-Class Gourmet sensation, but very few will actually enjoy long term B-Class success.
Foreigners, however, rarely understand this phenomenon. Some even remark that Japanese people seem to actually enjoy waiting in line. Very often you’ll see two ramen shops right next to each other, one with a line wrapped around the building, and the other with no customers at all....
"Japanese B-Class Gourmets" restaurants are similar to "Hawker centre" in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc.
Please try "Japanese B-Class Gourmets" restaurants, then you'll feel "Oh! Japanese meals are cheap?!"....
To be continued, vol. II, III, VI....if I feel like this topics....(・o・)