Le concert, Final de pelicula

Le concert
Le Concert is a 2009 French comedy film by Radu Mihăileanu starring Aleksei Guskov, Mélanie Laurent and Miou-Miou. It won the Best Original Score and Best Sound awards at César Awards 2010. It was also nominated for two Magritte Awards in the category of Best Co-Production and Best Editing for Ludo Troch in 2011, and Best Foreign Film at the 68th Golden Globe Awards.

Michiko, The Empress of Japan

Michiko, The Empress of Japan
The 26th Congress of The International Board
on Books for Young People(IBBY),
New Delhi (1998)

Deep Impact

We watched as the bombs shattered the second comet into a million pieces of ice
and rock that burned harmlessly in our atmosphere and lit up the sky for an hour.
Still, we were left with the devastation of the first.
The waters reached as far inland as the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys.
It washed away farms and towns, forests and skyscrapers.
But, the water receded.
The wave hit Europe and Africa too.
Millions were lost, and countless more left homeless.
But the waters receded.
Cities fall, but they are rebuilt.
And heroes die, but they are remembered.
We honor them with every brick we lay, with every field we sow,
With every child we comfort, and then teach to rejoice in what we have been re-given.
Our planet.
Our home.
So now, let us begin.

Impact craters on Earth

Fila President Martinetti Resigns

Death Blog Lady, Aki Higashihara II

Japanese final/lethal weapon!!!
Mrs. Aki Higashihara!
13th February, 2013 at 21:55:39, she mentioned about Japanese bullet train, "Shinkansen".... おやすみ~....
Last time, she made a hit!, B787's problems, then next is...., is...., Japanese bullet train, "Shinkansen" crash?!....(・o・)

Ref.: Death Blog Lady, Aki Higashihara

Raise Your Glass, P!nk


Sober, P!nk


So What, P!nk



Kyary Pamyu Pamyu(きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ)on french TV

ワールドツアーを開催中のきゃりーぱみゅぱみゅがフランスのテレビ番組「Le Petit journal」に出演し、丸刈り姿で謝罪したAKB48峯岸みなみについてコメントした。



直径約45メートルの小惑星「2012 DA14」が、日本時間16日午前4時24分に地球に最接近するが、これとの関係はわからない、とNASA他専門機関は言っている。ただ、推測するに、映画「アルマゲドン」の映像でもあったように、本体の衝突前に、同じ軌道上に微小小惑星(太陽を周回する2012 DA14のような天体)がないとも限らない。
※映画「アルマゲドン」の天体は彗星です。超楕円軌道。小惑星「2012 DA14」はほぼ地球と同じ公転軌道上にある天体です。物が違います、物が。
今回の隕石、これは数メートルで小さい。安心してほしい。「2012 DA14」は、スペースシャトルよりも大きい。こんな小さな隕石、目じゃありません。安心して下さい。
で、NASAが言うには、「2012 DA14」は地球への最接近距離は、27,000キロ程度で、衝突することはまずない、数億分の1というから安心して下さい。しかも、最接近するのは南極上空なので、間違って衝突しても南極で、南極に2.6メガトン程度の原爆が落ちた程度ですみます。ご安心下さい。

Ground Zero?, Meteor shower in Russia

Below News is writted and updated "By , Friday, February 15, 5:26 AM", .... Before Meteor Shower strike in Russia....

The serious asteroid watchers know the big ones by name, diameter, composition, orbit, spin and potential troublesomeness.
There’s Apophis, for example, a rock bigger than the Pentagon, which on April 13, 2029, will pass close enough to the Earth to be seen with the naked eye and quicken the pulse. There’s Toutatis, mountain-sized tumbling and, fortunately, at a safe distance. There’s 2005 YU55, a quarter of a mile wide, which passed the Earth at roughly moon distance a little over a year ago.
And now comes 2012 DA14, a rock the size of an apartment building that on Friday will buzz the Earth at a distance of about 17,200 miles. It poses no hazard. It won’t generate the slightest breeze or disturb a single mote of dust meandering in a sunbeam.
DA14 is too small to see with the naked eye. Though it will pass just inside the orbit of communications satellites, the chance that it will obliterate anyone’s favorite TV show is vanishingly remote.

"2012 DA14" & Today's Meteor Shower in Russia are not related ?

.... The U.S. space agency NASA has said an asteroid known as 2012 DA14, about 46 meters in diameter, would have an encounter with Earth closer than any asteroid since scientists began routinely monitoring them about 15 years ago. Television, weather and communications satellites fly about 500 miles higher. The moon is 14 times farther away.

Ref.: Meteor shower in Russia
Ref.: Meteor shower in Russia II
Ref.: 2012DA14, Asteroid near Earth
Ref.: Armageddon, My favourites of Lines of the movie
Ref.: Daddy's Movie and my dream....
Ref.: Daddy's Movie and my dream....II

Meteor shower in Russia II

Meteor shower over Russia sees meteorites hit Earth
Updated: 08:12, Friday, 15 February 2013
A meteor shower has rained down on central Russia, sowing panic as hurtling space debris exploded in the air, blew out windows and injured dozens of people.
The Russsian Emergencies Ministry reported a meteoroid exploded in the skies above the Urals region, sending a shock wave that shattered windows.
"A meteorite (sic) disintegrated above the Urals, partially burning up in the lower atmosphere," the local office of the national emergencies ministry said in a statement.
Ref.: 2012DA14, Asteroid near Earth , Meteor shower in Russia

2012DA14, Asteroid near Earth

Ref.: Meteor shower in Russia
"2012 DA14"は彗星ではない。太陽の周りを円軌道で回る小惑星である。公転周期は368日。地球軌道は完全な円ではない。もっとも太陽に近づく近日点、もっとも太陽から遠ざかる遠日点がある。楕円なのだ。"2012 DA14"も同じように楕円軌道である。"2012 DA14"の遠日点距離は地球軌道と重なる。ほぼ数年に1回程度は地球に接近する。

Meteor shower in Russia

About 400 people have been injured after a meteorite shot across the sky in central Russia. It sent fireballs crashing to Earth, smashing windows and setting off car alarms. Residents on their way to work in Chelyabinsk heard what sounded like an explosion, saw a bright light and then felt a shockwave, according to a Reuters correspondent in the industrial city 1,500km east of Moscow.
Ref.: 2012DA14, Asteroid near Earth

Armageddon, My favourites of Lines of the movie


Daddy's Movie and my dream....II

The general's daughter

I don't know who he, John Travolta is gay or not....but, I like this movie,

Fathers are struggle every times about daughters....

And even sons....

Daddy is not 007....(・o・)


John McClane, sucks!....(・o・),
But, finally absolute daddy's movie is this;
Air Force One....
I apologize deeply to my daughter....
She had watched those daddy's movie few hundred times everyday in Singapore,
and she had traumatized about daddy's....(・o・)
[English contents, China, Charlie, Politics]

Daddy's Movie and my dream....

You know? I love daddy's movie.
Like this daddy, I wanna be him.
....I address you tonight, not as the President of the United States, not as the leader of a country, but as a citizen of humanity.
We are faced with the very gravest of challenges, The Bible calls this day Armageddon. The end of all things.
And yet for the first time...in the history of the planet, a species has the technology… to prevent its own extinction. All of you praying with us need to know… that everything that can be done to prevent this disaster… is being called into service.
The human thirst for excellence, knowledge every step up the ladder of science, every adventurous reach into space, all of our combined modern technologies and imaginations, even the wars that we’ve fought, have provided us the tools… to wage this terrible battle.
Through all the chaos that is our history, though all of the wrongs and the discord, through all of the pain and suffering, Through all of our times, there is one thing that has… nourished our souls. And elevated our species above its origins. And that is our courage.
Dreams of an entire planet are focused tonight… on those 14 brave souls… traveling into the heavens. And may we all, citizens the world over, see these events through.
God speed and good luck to you.

If given conditions, I can die for humans?
Yes, I will.
Good morning. Good morning....
In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world, and you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind.
that word should have new meaning for all of us today.
We can't be consumed by our petty differences any more.
We will be united in our common interest.
Perhaps it's fate that today is the 4th of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom.
Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution,
but from annihilation.
We're fighting for our right to live,
to exist
and should we win the day,
the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday,
but as the day when the world declared in one voice,
We will not go quietly into the night!
We will not vanish without a fight!
We're going to live on,
we're going to survive.
Today we celebrate our independence day!
Exactly, I can sacrifice my life....
....It's never be happened to me....
Only my dream....
Laugh at me....(・o・)

U.S., Iran, Russia team up to save wrestling

U.S., Iran, Russia team up to save wrestling
On the world stage, the U.S. is in dire conflict with Iran and Russia. On the wrestling mat, the three powers in the sport suddenly are in alliance.
Ref.: Why IOC moves to drop wrestling from 2020 Olympic Games?

Why IOC moves to drop wrestling from 2020 Olympic Games?

Wrestling should be removed from the 2020 Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee’s Executive Board said in a surprise recommendation on Tuesday as it looks to revamp the Games sports programme.
Ref.: U.S., Iran, Russia team up to save wrestling

Current Summer Olympic Program
The following sports (or disciplines of a sport) make up the current Summer Olympic Games official program and are listed alphabetically according to the name used by the IOC. The figures in each cell indicate the number of events for each sport contested at the respective Games.


Begin Again, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift


叶千荣, 東海大学葉千栄教授, 新浪微博



Gregorian Chants & Buddistic Shómyó

Gregorian Chants & Buddistic Shómyó
What's a collaboration!
Just listen this, believe me!

Wedding, Marissa Nadler

Marissa Nadler

Percussion Duo, Evolution


Without You by David Guetta feat Usher

David Guetta ft. Usher

Paradise, Coldplay & African Style


Mother, 20, tortured and burned alive on pile of tyres, Papua New Guinea

Still world is slave to primitive convention.
.... how can I say,

Can you laugh at Papua New Guinea people?
I think, NO.

Gun shoot crime cases in US....
So many schools don't teach students theory of evolution in US.... 

Even reason of raping case, female cannot do legal abortion in Sri Lanka....
Still humans need evolution and revolution in their mind....

A young mother was tossed screaming on to a pyre of tyres and burned alive after being accused of killing a neighbour's six-year-old son with sorcery.
Kepari Leniata, 20, 'confessed' after she was dragged from her hut, stripped naked and tortured with white-hot iron rods.

Japanese Weird Lady's Restroom

Ahhhh.... how can I say,

This is "Weird  Lady's Restroom" located in Japan, Shinjuku....

But, well, this is Taiwanese restaurant toilet,
....Anyway,.... Japan....(・o・)
Sick Japanese Ladies Restroom Prank Sure to Terrify
This is someone’s idea of humor, no doubt lifted straight out of the pages of the Horror Movie Plot Device Rulebook, so we’re assuming the owner of Ten and Chi, in the Lemina Building in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is probably a big fan of that genre, or some sick horror director him- or herself. It’s likely a safe assumption at this point for anyone who has lived through the experience.
Once you, the pretty user, are comfortably seated, trying to take care of things as fast as possible, it starts. The elephantine floor-to-ceiling head, nicknamed “TenChi,” slowly starts approaching. It’s like that scene in “Saw V,” in which Agent Peter Strahm was trapped between two slowly advancing walls, only to be crushed to bloody splinters within a matter of minutes.
Take that in, people.
But it does not stop there. You have to set the mood, the ambiance, too. Is there a better way to achieve that than with loud, maniacal music accompanied by some continuously looped nonsense vocals (that sound like fingernails scratching against a blackboard), blaring from the mouth of your monstrous restroom murderer?....

Coca-Cola drinking 'linked to New Zealander's death'

Drinking large quantities of Coca-Cola was a "substantial factor" in the death of a 30-year-old woman in New Zealand, a coroner has said.
Natasha Harris, who died three years ago after a cardiac arrest, drank up to 10 litres of the fizzy drink each day.
This is twice the recommended safe limit of caffeine and more than 11 times the recommended sugar intake.
Coca-Cola had argued that it could not be proved its product had contributed to Ms Harris' death.


Pendulum Choir

Pendulum Choir....

New Journey Live at Slane Castle, Ireland in 2006, Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman

Listen to the rain, Enya


The Best Of Enya (FULL ALBUM), Enya


May it be, Enya


Love and War, Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton


Don't laugh at Japanese local conservative village people, please

I was born in Yokohama city, central Japan and we Yokohama citizen are not so much conservative, primitive....
It's better to replace David to Yokohama, or Tokyo, or Osaka, wherever any places, any Japanese big cities.

You know? "島根県 奥出雲町"="Okuizumo town in western Shimane prefecture" is;
like this town. Deep forest, no sky scraper, old fashioned (like Edo ara?) town. Then, in such a peaceful town, suddenly, huge world famous statue has appeared. Maybe 99.9% of village people don't know who is Michelangelo, who is David, but,
they saw huge statue of a white naked man with big penis. (日本人諸君、これを「ペニス」と発音してもらっては困る。「ピーナス」と発音して頂きたい)
You know? Any countries are it's happened same things.
OK, I'm living in Sri Lanka. If huge statue of a white naked man with big penis appeared in Anuradapura, Kandy, etc., such local cities, it's happened similar problem.
Not only Asia local cities, also it'll be happened in "Back to the Future", like that town in US? Do you understand?
Don't laugh at them, please.... But I.... I.... Hihihihihihi.... Oh! sorry, very very sorry....
It's joke....(・o・)

Japon: le David de Michel-Ange doit-il mettre un slip ?
Des résidents d'une bourgade japonaise veulent mettre un slip à une réplique de la célèbre sculpture David de Michel-Ange, afin d'en cacher les attributs masculins qu'ils ne sauraient voir.

La petite ville d'Okuizumo dans la préfecture de Shimane (ouest) a reçu l'été dernier des répliques de 5 mètres de haut du David de Michel-Ange et de la Vénus de Milo, offertes par un homme d'affaires de la région. Elles ont été érigées dans un parc public où sont installés divers équipements sportifs et une aire de jeux pour enfants.

"Des habitants ont dit aux élus municipaux que leurs enfants avaient peur des statues, qui sont énormes et sont apparues sans crier gare cet été", a expliqué un employé municipal, Yoji Morinaga, à l'AFP.

"Ces statues représentent des personnes nues, un style artistique très rare dans notre région. Des gens pensent que ce n'est pas bon pour leurs enfants", a-t-il ajouté.

Certains ont même demandé à ce qu'on mette un slip à David, a précisé le quotidien Yomiuri Shimbun.

"C'est la première fois que nous avons quelque chose de ce genre chez nous, ce qui laisse peut-être songeurs certains habitants", a souligné M. Morinaga.

Les responsables municipaux ont toutefois bon espoir que les résidents finissent par apprécier ces sculptures, qui pourraient être utiles pour l'instruction artistique des enfants, ou pour attirer des touristes.

La statue originale de David, sculptée au début du XVIe siècle par Michel-Ange, se trouve à la Galleria dell'Accademia de Florence (nord de l'Italie). Celle de la Venus de Milo, découverte en 1820 sur l'île grecque de Mélos, est au musée du Louvre à Paris.
Japanese offended by David's nudity
A replica of Michelangelo's Renaissance sculpture David is unnerving residents of a Japanese town, with some calling for the naked masterpiece to be given underpants.

Okuizumo town in western Shimane prefecture received five-metre replicas of David and of Greek treasure the Venus de Milo last year as donations from a businessman who hails from the area.

The statues were put up in a large public park that also includes a full-size running track, a baseball stadium, tennis courts, a mountain bike course and a play area with apparatus for children.

"Some people have told the town's legislators that toddlers are afraid of the statues because they are so big and they appeared unexpectedly over the summer," town official Yoji Morinaga told AFP.

"They are statues of unclothed humans, and such pieces of artwork are very rare in our area. Some people apparently said the statues might not be good for their children."

While many locals have welcomed the new cultural additions to the mountainside town of fewer than 15,000, some have asked for David to wear underwear to preserve his modesty, the Yomiuri Shimbun said.

"It is the first time we have had anything like this in our town. Perhaps people were perplexed," Morinaga said.

The town believes over time residents will come to appreciate the value of the sculptures, which could be useful in school art classes and may one day become a sightseeing attraction, he said.

The original David is housed in the Accademia di Belle Arti, in Florence, Italy.

The Louvre in Paris is home to the armless Venus de Milo, which stands a little over two metres tall.

Earlier this week Tokyo-based photographer Leslie Kee was arrested for selling books containing pictures of male genitals.

Kee, 41, whose subjects have included Lady Gaga and Beyonce, could be jailed for up to two years and/or fined up to 2.5 million yen ($A26,085) if convicted of obscenity.

Pornography is widely available and produced in Japan, but under domestic law genitals must be obscured, a process usually done through pixelation.
ダビデ裸像に町民から苦情、「下着はかせて」 島根県

高さ5メートルのダビデ像とギリシャの至宝「ミロのビーナス(Venus de Milo)」像のレプリカは、ある実業家の男性が故郷への恩返しとして奥出雲町に寄贈したもの。町では町内の運動公園と児童遊園地にそれぞれ像を設置した。


読売新聞(Yomiuri Shimbun)の報道によれば、町民の多くはダビデ像の設置を歓迎しているものの、一部町民はダビデ像に下着をはかせるよう要求しているという。