Enforcement for small Islands

The US interest in an Asian island dispute
(↓This is not true, Japan don't make any problem about such small islands. Charlie / Charlie's government like to create this crisis.)
The tension in the East China Sea between China and Japan is America’s problem. Sure, there are all sorts of reasons war will “never” break out — from “it just wouldn’t make sense” to “everybody is making too much money to fight.”
But given the history of the region and the lack of rules for handling such crises, the reality is that one stupid mistake could start a war. Since the United States is obligated by treaty to defend Japan if it is attacked, it falls to Washington to make sure a conflict does not erupt.
Over the past several months, Tokyo and Beijing have played a game of chicken, in the streets, on the seas, in the air and through the airwaves over a cluster of three uninhabited islands and two big rocks called the Senkakus by the Japanese and the Diaoyu Islands by the Chinese.
(↓This is not true, this news' writer believe Charlie's  propaganda. Charlie's government never have any enforcement for Senkaku Islands since 14C.)
Japan seized them in January 1895, during its first modern war with China (which Japan won).
(↑Yes, they loose.... Every time, when they wanna fight to developed countries even from Roman Ara. They will loose it. In last time, Mao Zedong could win for us without US/UK help? Never!)
Tensions began escalating last year and have grown from anti-Japanese protests in Chinese cities to a war of words to the present situation, in which an increasing number of Chinese and Japanese ships and planes are frequenting a very small area in the East China Sea.
The Japanese government announced Tuesday that twice in the past three weeks Chinese warships have upped the ante even further by “painting” a Japanese warship and helicopter with the same type of radar used to aim missiles.
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