My Daughter

She is my daughter,
and she can speak perfect English, not like me....
Of course, I can use Japanese not only speaking, literary, too.
But, you know?
I never teach her Japanese in her life,
then, she can use only one language, English, perfect monolingual.
My strategy is complete!
What's bilingual?
Mixed children can use not only speaks, but also literary language?
No! Absolutely No!
Almost mixed children are handicapped, limited....
Not only mother tongue, second language also not perfect.
If parents wanna be their children becoming several language user, then, they consider their children must study first language deeply.
Am I right?
Yes, I'm right.
You think you are English speaker....
Do you know William Shakespeare, Alfred Lord Tennyson?
Sometimes, you are monolingual and limited....(・o・)

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