Dressed in Kimono, but who?

Please, do not misunderstand Japanese!
Who she is?
Japanese Yakuza (Mafia)'s wife?
She is Japanese Congresswoman, Mrs. Junko Mihara.
Sometimes you cannot understand her costume, why she is wearing "kimono" during a Diet session?
Because she is member of 「和装振興議員連盟」 means "Alliance of wearing traditional Kimono by Congressmen/Congresswomen"....
Alliance members are not only nationalist, also communist, liberal, etc. Only they want to wear traditional "Kimono", that all....
「和装振興議員連盟」 members
OK? They are not "Geisha " girls, they are Japanese Congresswomen....
Please, do not misunderstand Japanese!
Also please do not try to understand Japanese, too.
Even I cannot understand us....(・o・)

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