The Andromeda Strain

The Andromeda Strain

The Andromeda Strain (1969), by Michael Crichton, is a techno-thriller novel documenting the efforts of a team of scientists investigating a deadly extraterrestrial microorganism that rapidly and fatally clots human blood, while in other people inducing insanity. The Andromeda Strain appeared in the The New York Times Best Seller list, establishing Michael Crichton as a genre writer.

When a military satellite returns to Earth, a recovery team is dispatched to retrieve it; during a live radio communication with their base, the team members suddenly die. Aerial surveillance reveals that everyone in Piedmont, Arizona, the town closest to where the satellite landed, is apparently dead. The base commander suspects the satellite returned with an extraterrestrial organism and recommends activating Wildfire, the government-sponsored team that counters extraterrestrial biological infestation.

The Wildfire scientific team studying the unknown strain is composed of Dr. Jeremy Stone, bacteriologist specialist; Dr. Peter Leavitt, disease pathologist; Dr. Charles Burton, infection vectors specialist; and Dr. Mark Hall, M.D., surgeon, biochemistry specialist. Hall is the "odd man", since he is the only one without a spouse. The Robertson Odd Man Hypothesis[1] states that unmarried men are capable of carrying out the best, most dispassionate decisions during crises and he is given the only key that can disarm the self-destruct mechanism. A fifth scientist, Dr. Christian Kirke, anthropologist and electrolytes specialist, was....


『アンドロメダ病原体』、原題;The Andromeda Strain、直訳では、strainは「病原体」ではなく「菌株」)は、1969年に出版されたマイケル・クライトンによるSF小説。マイケル・クライトン名義で初めて発表された長編小説であり、同時に出世作とされている。1971年にロバート・ワイズの監督により映画化された(原題は原作と同じ。邦題は『アンドロメダ…』)。2008年には、リドリー・スコット/トニー・スコット製作によるテレビミニシリーズ(邦題『アンドロメダ・ストレイン』)が放送された。


Great movie! 1971!


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