Women doing their makeup inside the train

The top ranking survey answered by Japanese men were top one, ″Women doing their makeup inside the train”. Almost Japanese men think this shouldn’t be done in the public. Because of Japanese women's busy schedule they are doing their makeup on the way to the office. They don’t want to go to the office without makeup.

In Japan it’s a usual scene inside train packed with passenger or not, women or girls in young age having their makeup on inside the train. They said “What’s wrong in putting my makeup inside the train?”
But not only in public transportation but also inside of the office, According to the survey's comments shouldn’t do such action. Top two is “men sitting legs open wide”, top three is “Using of rough words”, “Criticizing other people”, “saying nasty things to other people"....
There are so many reasons for girls to making up in the station. For after times? For Lovers? For the time untill get their home? Today, one woman is atarting making up herself. Can you guess her reason? No way!”
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