Oden? You know?

An Ode to Thomas Oden
I was raised in the Nazarene Church, and so when I felt a "call" to the ministry, I went to study theology at the nearest Nazarene University, which was Southern Nazarene University, in Bethany, Oklahoma, and attended there from 1986 to 1990. While, at that time, the Nazarene Church was still a very conservative evangelical denomination, the professors who taught in their Religion and Philosophy Department were not so much. My elder brother had attended the same school earlier in the 80's and the liberal professors he had were the conservative professors that I had... and they hadn't really changed. However the conservative professors had generally been replaced by professors who were even more liberal than the previous liberals. Much of the material I studied during that time was a labor to be endured -- authors that had little that inspired or edified -- but there were a few exceptions, and prominently among those exceptions were the books by the Methodist theologian Thomas Oden....
....Sorry, this is person's name....I wanna talk about Japanese food "Oden (おでん)"....(・o・)
Fw : Oden / Japanese mixed Stew / おでん
This weekend I cooked for us Oden. Oden belonged to the nabemono dishes, which means, all ingredients are cooked together in one pot. Here in Germany we would call it stew. Nabemono dishes, including oden are a very popular dish in the cold season in Japan....
Oden is a Japanese one-pot dish in which ingredients are slowly simmered in soy sauce based soup. It's a typical Japanese winter dish. Try making oden at home, using your favorite ingredients.....

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