Fw : 15 Things We Love About Japan

For foreign people, it sometimes seems strange so many Japanese things, Technology, Culture, Food, Drink, etc. Of course, when Japanese go to abroad, it's same things....

15 Things We Love About Japan

1. Fancy toilets

Oh! Washlet!

I understand! Japanese water closet will open cover automatically and they will speak!

2.Taxis with automatic doors

You shouldn't open/close yo!

3.Manner stations
We can’t stand the stench of smoke, but LOVE that there are designated smoke areas or manner stations in public to keep the smokers all in one place.
Hmmmmm, poor smokers!
4. Umbrella dryers

I don't want to use it....

5. Elvis & Yoyogi Park

Yes, this is strange things....(・o・)

6. Meal ordering machines

This is not so kind! Only Japanese character!

Her husband is Japanese....

7. Matcha everything!

I don't think so....

8. Sake in a jar


This is it?

9. Children’s school uniform

Is this strange?

10. Over politeness

It's better no smiling like chinese!

11. Crazy clothes


12. Underground food courts

This is it?

13. Vending machines

Hmmmm, impossible to set like this machine at open air in almost foreign countries. Maybe disappear/destroy next day!

14. Chin rest on subway trains

Sure? Even if crazy Japanese, don't create it! Sure?

15. Sushi!

Raw fish! Great!

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