Fw : Things I learned from Japanese girls: How to protect yourself from Chikan

I cannot understand why only my country having the happening of being a mean persons, "Chikan(痴漢)". Chikan is a word that means "pervert" in Japanese. I think Japanese shameful top three conducts are;
1. "pervert" in public transportation, train, bus, etc.
2. "dead drunk" in public transportation, train, bus, etc.
3. "sitting floor" in public transportation, train, bus, etc.
Please don't misunderstand us, "Chikan(痴漢)" guys are abnormal sexual perversion patients and minor people. But, anyway be careful....(・o・)
Moving to a new country is exciting, and almost always a positive experience. Japan is a fantastic place to live, and everyone who visits always describes the relative cleanliness and safety, as well as the hospitable people. Unfortunately, this causes a lot of people to let down their guard when they come here, and to take risks that they wouldn't take in their home country.
Chikan is a word that means "pervert" in Japanese. Specifically, a Chikan could be a flasher, someone who publicly touches himself, a person who gropes women on crowded trains, or a frotteurist. Chikan is an unfortunately common problem in Japan. Every Japanese girl I've lived with or been close enough to have a conversation about thing kind of thing with has told me that they've encountered Chikan at least once in their lives.
A Chikan is a cowardly type of man who targets women he considers vulnerable. He usually targets high school girls, women in skirts or women traveling alone. He gets off on their expressions of shame, disgust and fear. Chikan is a form of sexual assault. Here are some ways you can make yourself more aware and protect yourself from being assaulted....

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