Girl Finds That Her Fiance Was Cheating Due To Yandex Maps

Don't cheat GF!
Cheating partners often resort to extreme measures to hide their adultery from their unsuspecting partners.
But this man stood no chance of hiding his affair - after his fiancé discovered a picture of him with another women on Russia's version of Google Maps.
Marina Voinova was using the street view function of Yandex Maps -- which unlike Google's version doesn't automatically blur recognisable faces - to search for an address.
But when the image popped up, she was devastated to see her partner of five years pictured in the street with his arms wrapped around another woman, Gawker reported.
In an interview with LifeNews.ru, she explained how she had wanted to look at a picture of a building on a particular street, and she noticed a familiar face.
'I looked more carefully, zoomed in and saw that it was indeed him and indeed her!
'For the last two or three months I was thinking that I'd better not find and see that picture.
'But that was fate, it probably had to happen that way.'
A furious Miss Voinova confronted her fiancée with the incriminating evidence and he came clean about the affair, Red Hot Russia reported.
Although her fiance begged for forgiveness and said it was his 'stupidity' and not out of 'love for the other woman', Miss Voinova was not convinced he should have another chance.
She has since broke up with her cheating fiance, saying she realised her partner had been constantly cheating and lying to her.

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