Investigation : How to eat "Sukiyaki" & "Shabushabu"

 Micaera!, she knows Japan very well.
She is Alalka, she loves Japan, especially, Japanese Songs.
Check it, Aralka's channel
But, when typical foreign tourists visit "Sukiyaki" shop!, then...
I think she, this interpreter is not Japanese....
Raw Egg! Beef! A little bit culture shock?
They have not enough knowledge of Japanese food...
OK! She is Japanese professional!
Even she is feeling disgusting, "Live Squad Sashimi"!
"Kimono Dress"!
"Geisha" is over 18 years,
and "Maiko" (an apprentice geisha) is 18 and less.
Micaera is over 20 years,
but still OK, she is "Maiko"?!

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