Japanese Cooking Recipe

Well, it's difficult to explain how to make Japanese cuisines for foreigners. So, recipe site is there, but in Japanese.


Hmmmmmm, Gaijin-san will give up....(・o・), wakarimmase~~n....

But, still, never give up, I found it ♬,

Cookpad which is the biggest recipe site in Japan has released English site!

Cookpad has released English site.(クックパッドの英語サイトがスタートしたそうな!)
Cookpad is the biggest recipe site in Japan. It's very helpful site. I've been using it, of course!
I had been wondering why they didn't set up English site. Well, I guess, because there are tons of English recipe site in the world already. and, Unfortunately, Japanese people can't use English very much. I understand they didn't really have to built English site. But,  I've been waiting for this moment!
Wow!You know, I would like to share my Japanese food recipe. and I'm very interesting in others! It's good to me. Here's my page on english ver. of Cookpad. I'm exciting to put my recipe more!


Oh! Let's search!

Search "Tempura"....A-re(あれ)?....No result....(・o・)
Search "Sashimi"....A-re(あれ)?....No result....(・o・)

Hmmmm....name of cuisines are not so much hit?

Then, Search "Tofu"....OK♬, 

Search "Chicken"....OK♬, 

Search "Fish"....OK♬,

Search "cabbage chicken"....OK♬,

Search "curry"....OK♬,

Search "Sushi"....OK♬,

Search "fry"....OK♬,

Search "pan fried"....OK♬,


Still contents are not enough and not so much hits. But, we can upload Japanese cuisines.

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